New Year rock trip to Spain. Tarragona
Dates of the climbing trip:
24.12.2022-01.01.2023 - 9 days, 5 climbing days
01.01.2023- 08.01.2023 - 9 days, 5 climbing days
24.12.2022-08.01.2023 - 16 days, 10 climbing days

Main schedule:
24.12 - Arrival day
25.12 - Climbing day
26.12 - Climbing day
27.12 - Rest day in Barcelona
28.12 - Climbing day
29.12 - Climbing day
30.12 - Rest day
31.12 - Climbing day
01.01 - Departure day/ Rest day / Arrival day
02.01 - Climbing day
03.01 - Climbing day
04.01 - Climbing day
05.01 - Rest day
06.01 - Climbing day
07.01 - Climbing day
08.01 - Departure day

Where we live?
We live in Terragona. The exact location depends on where we will be climbing. And this, in turn, depends on the weather. Double room accommodation in hotel will cost xxx€ for the short trip (9 days) and xxx€ for full trip (16 days). After booking the trip, I will make a reservation for you in \name of hotel\
Where we climb?
There are a lot of rock areas here for any level of climbing.
  • Siurana- one of the most popular areas in Spain
  • La-mussara - One of the biggest sectors in Spain with more than 300 routes for beginners and intermediate climbers
  • Сamarasa- Quite a far sector from Tarragona, 2 hours by car or 136 km, but it's worth it. A large area with a huge number of routes, more than 400. It can be foggy in winter. We will plan our trip depending on the weather.
  • Vilanova-de-prades- The sector is a little further than Siurana. There are 376 routes in total and most of them are very close to each other.
  • Other districts can be discussed and chosen upon request.
How much does it cost?
  • 1st week: 24.12.2023-01.01.2024 - 600€
  • 2nd week: 01.01.2024- 08.01.2024 - 650€
  • Full trip: 24.12.2023-08.01.2024 - 1000€

  • What's included: Coaching, Rope and Quickdraw, Belay devices
  • Additional costs: Hotel, Rental car, gas, food
  • Number of climbers: max 8 climbers, if there will be more - we will invite a second coach
  • Level of climbing 5-7a
About me:
I'm Egor Kryachkov. Professional climber, setter and coach. Mostly I work in Einstein Dusseldorf, Duisburg and Recklinghausen. My level of climbing is around 8c with a rope and I'm happy to share all my experience and knowledge about climbing with you.

I spent a lot of time to climb all the popular routes around Spain and Portugal to make a climbing trip way better! For a short trip we will try to visit as much sectors as we can. And of course, we will try most popular route in the area

Every trip will be in different places with a different routes. In the first day, I will teach you, how to correct fall, climb with a rope and clip quickdraws (if you need) We will make an on-sight training and some projects!

For a long trip, we will try to upgrade you level of climbing and try to manage something harder
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