Climbing trip to Fontainebleau
Pierre Ponce, 7c+ | Fontainebleau
Dates of the climbing trip:
29.06 - 02.07 - 4 days, 2 climbing days
06.07 - 09.07 - 4 days, 2 climbing days
29.06 - 09.07 - 11 days, 8 climbing days

Main schedule:
29.06 - Arrival day
30.06 - Climbing day
01.07 - Climbing day
02.07 - Rest day / Departure day
03.07 - Climbing day
04.07 - Climbing day
05.07 - Climbing day
06.07 -Rest day / Arrival day
07.07 - Climbing day
08.07 - Climbing day
09.07 - Departure day

Where we live?
We live in Fontainebleau, which is located 40 minutes away from Paris. Double room accommodation in hotel will cost 321€ for the short trip (4 days) and 1070€ for full trip (11 days). After booking the trip, I will make a reservation for you in Hotel Bella Fontainebleau

Where we climb?
We are going to the biggest climbing area in Europe -Fontainebleau.

There is a huge amount of sectors that are scattered among the forest for many kilometers. That's the reason why you need a car to climb in this area.
How much does it cost?
1st trip: 29.06 - 02.07, 950€
2nd trip: 06.07 - 09.07, 950€
Full trip: 29.06 - 09.07, 2150€

  • What's included: Coaching, Crashpads, Hotel
  • Additional costs: Rental car, gas, food
  • Number of climbers: max 8 climbers, if there will be more - we will invite a second coach
  • Level of climbing 5-6c (blue-black grades in Einstein Boulderhalle)
About me:
I'm Egor Kryachkov. Professional climber, setter and coach. Mostly I work in Einstein Dusseldorf, Duisburg and Recklinghausen. My level of climbing is around 8b in bouldering and I'm happy to share all my experience and knowledge about climbing with you.

I spent a lot of time to climb all the popular boulders in Fontainebleau to make a climbing trip way better! For a short trip we will try circuit climbing and for the next day, we will try the best boulders from one of the most popular areas in Font - Bus Cuvier.

Every trip will be in different places with a different boulders. In the first day, I will teach you, how to correct fall into crushpads and also how to safety lay out pads on the ground. We will make a flash training in the first day and some projects for the second day.

For a long trip, we will try to upgrade you level of climbing and try to manage something harder

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